Facts You Should Know About Using A Rehab Loan


As the result of the recession that recently impacted the United States and that is still affecting many Americans, there are a lot of abandoned homes that could be purchased for very reasonable prices in some areas. As an investor, it is possible to make a tidy profit on those properties, but many of them will need structural or cosmetic work in order to be appealing to your target market. Alternatively, you may also be considering a rehab loan, also known as a remodeling or home improvement loan, to make necessary changes to your current home. Fortunately, rehab loans are available that can help you to afford the necessary work, and the following information will help you to better understand the details associated with a rehab loan.

There Are A Variety Of Loans That Are Available

It is important to note that there are multiple options to choose from selecting a rehab loan. As a result, You should have an understanding of the various options. For instance, a private individual might do well with a purchase/relocation loan. That option is often a good choice when you hope to get the improvements as soon as possible after completing the purchase of your home. Alternatively, the FHA 203k is often appropriate for an individual (so you cannot be part of a corporation) who might otherwise have trouble getting the necessary funds due to a low income. 

Your Rehab Loan Can Be Used For Many Different Types Of Improvements

One common concern is that the rehab loan can only be earmarked for specific type of improvements to the home. While it is true that there are some limitations, there are still many ways that you can spend your borrowed money. For instance, if the roof, gutters and windows need to be upgraded or replaced, a rehab loan can help you to do so. In addition, you may also find that the funding will help you to add bedrooms, bathrooms and other important areas, while even landscaping can benefit from your loan as well. A pool and hot tub can be added to the yard as can a deck or patio.

In conclusion, a rehab loan is often an ideal way for investors to revitalize a house that needs work in order to be re-sold or rented. As a result, information provided above is likely to be very helpful, whether you are a homeowner looking to make some improvements or you are investor hoping to make some cash. 

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8 July 2016

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