Refinancing Your Home Mortgage


A home is likely to be both your financially and emotionally most important possession. However, the costs of buying a home can be high enough to make it worth the effort to capitalize on every option for reducing this expense. Refinancing can be a useful option, but homeowners often fail to utilize this option as a result of being under-informed and wanting to avoid lengthy applications.

Why Should Homeowners Consider Opting To Refinance Their Home Loan?

The interest rate that you secured when you were approved for a home mortgage can be among the most important factors in determining the cost of buying a home. Individuals will find that the market interest rates for mortgages can decrease over the time that they own their home. Some individuals might assume that they will not be able to take advantage of these lower rates, but refinancing can allow for this. Under this option, you will apply for a new loan to pay off the previous mortgage. This allows you to only have to repay the new loan that was obtained at a lower interest rate.

How Does Your Credit Impact Your Refinancing Option?

Due to the fact that you will need to apply for a new loan to refinance, your current credit score and history will be extremely important. For those that have improved their credit since getting their first mortgage, this can help to improve the benefits of refinancing as they may receive a much better interest rate offer. Conversely, if your credit has deteriorated, you might find that your refinance offer is not as good. Thoroughly reviewing and preparing your credit in the months leading to starting the financing process will help you with making your application as strong as possible and knowing what to expect after your application is reviewed.

Do You Have To Use The Same Lender For Your Refinance?

One common assumption about refinancing is that you will have to utilize the same lender for the refinance as you did for the initial loan. While this may seem like it would make sense, this is not always the case. In fact, it is advisable for individuals to shop around with refinancing lenders to determine their best option. Depending on the wording of your mortgage contract, you may be able to enjoy additional benefits or cost reductions for refinancing with the original lender, but you will have to speak with your lender to confirm whether the lender provides these incentives.

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17 February 2019

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