What You Need to Get out of Jail on Bond


Getting arrested and going to jail is a scary and overwhelming situation, so, once you are taken to jail, the only thing going through your mind is getting out. This is usually accomplished by either getting released on your own recognizance (OR) or by posting bail. Bail bonds typically consist of using cash or a form of property that has a cash value. Bail can be posted by you or someone else. If you cannot come up with the funds, you can contact a bail bondsman to assist you by posting your bail. Here is the information you will need in order to use bail bond services to get out of jail.

Jail Location

When contacting bail bond services, one of the most important things you'll need to know is the location of the jail. Each city and county has their own specific set of rules for posting bail bonds, so your bail bondsman will need to know the exact location of where you are being held in order to make sure all of the appropriate steps are taken for your release.

Personal Information

The more information you can give the bail bonding agent, the quicker your release will be. You will need to provide the bail bonding agent with your full name, address, contact information, and if you have the booking number, it will make the process even quicker. You will also need to provide your employment information and a source of collateral to cover the amount of the bond. The collateral is used to cover the loss to the bail company if you do not appear in court on your scheduled court date. If you don't have all of the information required, the bail bonding agent can find it for you, but it may delay the release process.

The amount of bail required for your release depends on the crime you are being charged with. In most situations, you are required to post 10 percent of the cost. For example, if the bail is $2000, you will need $200 to get released from jail. As soon as the court acknowledges that your bail has been posted, the court will issue an order for your release. Keep in mind that if you use bail bonds services, you will be required to pay back the amount you borrowed for the bail as well as fee and if you miss your court date, you can lose the collateral you put up as well as being arrested for contempt as well as the charge you were originally arrested for.


22 April 2019

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