Bail Bond Myths: Don't Be Misled


It's easy to make assumptions and follow bad advice during stressful situations. Knowing that a loved one has been jailed and is waiting for you to get them released is such a time. Instead of falling victim to what you might have heard, read below to get the facts instead of the myths about bail bonds.

Everybody Gets Bail

Unfortunately, not everyone will qualify for bail. The jail, the judge, and others are in charge of whether or not your loved one can be bailed out. In some locations, your loved one has to wait for a hearing before they can be released even if they are eligible for bail. For example, if your loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), their rights are limited until they appear to be sober and can make good decisions. Also, some charged with serious crimes cannot be bailed out of jail.

Bail Is Too Expensive to Afford

While it's true that bail amounts can be extremely expensive, there is an alternative. If you have enough money to bail your loved one out, do so. However, you can also use a bail bonding agency and pay them a small percentage of the bail to gain your loved one's release right away. In return, the bail bonding agency posts the full bail for your loved one. As long as all bail conditions are followed, you never need to pay the full bail – only the small percentage.

Bail Bond Agencies Can Arrange for Cheaper Bail

Bail bond agencies are not directly affiliated with the jail or the court system. The judge usually sets the bond, and the bail bonding agency assists in obtaining freedom via a bail bond. When you pay the bail bond agency, you are not paying the court. The bail bond agency does that for you.

You Need a Lot of Cash for a Bail Bond

Fortunately, bail bonding agencies accept several forms of payment and do all they can to keep things simple for you. Cash is welcome but so are debit and credit cards, money orders, and sometimes even personal checks. Phone a local bail agency to find out what forms of payment they accept.

You Are Not Only Free From Jail But From All Rules

Whether you use a bail bonding agency or not, there are always conditions with bail. Usually, that means:

  • Appearing in court when ordered
  • Not possessing weapons
  • Staying in the local area
  • Staying away from certain parties
  • Avoiding another arrest

Don't allow the above myths to trip you up. Phone a bail bonds agency to find out more.


2 August 2021

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