Don't Let These Common Problems Stop You From Posting Bail For A Loved One


The belief that you cannot successfully post bail for a loved one that is being held in a local jail after their arrest can be stressful. After all, no one likes the idea of someone they care about sitting in a jail cell. Thankfully, many of the most common issues when it comes to posting bail can be overcome through the use of a bail bonds service. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common issues that these services can help you to overcome so that you can successfully secure your loved one's release. 

Problem #1: Not Enough Money

Perhaps the most common problem that people encounter when trying to post bail is that they simply do not have enough money. While you can take steps to try and raise the funds to pay the cash bail amount, your loved one will remain in jail until you have finished raising the money. Depending upon the resources at your disposal, this could take a significant amount of time. Thankfully, bail bonds offer you the opportunity to post bail even if you only have a percentage of the total amount due. This is because bail bonds services can be secured using just a small down payment and a promise to pay the remaining amount if your loved one defaults on the terms of their release. 

Problem #2: Bail Office Is Closed

Another problem that some people encounter is that they physically cannot post bail for their loved one because the bail office at the jail is currently closed. This problem often occurs when someone is arrested during the overnight hours, on a weekend, or on a holiday. While you certainly can wait until the next business day to visit the bail office, choosing to wait will leave your loved one in jail until after the bail office reopens. Choosing to visit a bail bondsman instead will allow you to get your loved one out of jail much faster since bail bonds services are typically offered 24 hours a day. 

Problem #3: Do Not Live In Same City

Another problem that can physically prevent an individual from posting bail is the fact that they are not located in the same city as the person they wish to bail out. Traveling to another city in order to post bail can be very time-consuming and expensive. Bail bonds services can help you to avoid these issues by allowing you to complete the bail process remotely. 

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12 April 2022

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