A Guide To Arrest Warrants


If you've read a police press release, you might notice that they arrest people for outstanding warrants. However, have you ever wondered what an arrest warrant is and why the legal system uses them? Learning these things is vital, especially if you suspect that you might have one. You can learn several vital things about warrants by reading this guide.

What it is

An arrest warrant is a legal tool that courts and police use to arrest people for several reasons. First, the police can't arrest a person for a warrant until the court issues the warrant. The court is the entity that must issue warrants, and they only do this when necessary. The court follows standards when issuing warrants and has the authority to decline to issue one if there isn't a valid reason for it. Finally, when the court approves an arrest warrant, it gives the police the authority to arrest a person as there is an active arrest warrant for the person. A warrant check helps you determine if the court has a warrant for you.

Reasons they issue them

Next, you should understand the reasons the court uses for issuing warrants. The first reason is for a situation when a person doesn't show up to court. For example, if someone has a court hearing but doesn't appear at the correct time and date, the judge will issue a warrant for failing to comply with the court hearing.

Secondly, a judge can issue a warrant if the police contact the court with information that someone has committed a crime. While the warrant doesn't prove guilt, it gives the police the authority to make the arrest. If you suspect there is a warrant for you, it might be wise to run a warrant check.

What to do if there is a warrant

Running a warrant check is something that helps you determine if there is a warrant for you. If you learn the court issued a warrant for you, there are several things you can do. First, you should talk to a criminal attorney to learn your rights and responsibilities. Secondly, you should contact a bail bond agent to work out a way to get out of jail if you don't have enough cash for the bail. Finally, you should go to the jail to turn yourself in and start the legal process.

By running a warrant check, you can find out if you have a warrant. You can do this through online tools or by contacting a bail bond agent or criminal defense lawyer.


8 July 2022

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