You Might Need To Revoke A Bail Bond


When a call comes in from a friend, you may have felt the need to take action. It's somewhat difficult to bail yourself out and your help may be needed to get someone freed from jail. This is a very kind and generous thing to do. However, there may come a time when you want to reverse a bail bond. Read on and find out why you would want to revoke your friend's bail and how it's done.

Bail Bonds Are Based on Pledges

When you help a friend by purchasing a bail bond, it's based on some promises. For instance, the most important part of a bail bond release is the acknowledgement that the defendant must return later to face court. There are a number of other conditions that go along with a bail bond such as not being arrested again, not carrying weapons, and more.

Understand Your Obligations

You can best understand what is happening by learning a bit about bail bonds. Bail bonds are inexpensive because the bail bonding agency is guaranteeing things to the court. They are ensuring that the defendant behaves and obeys the rules. When that does not occur, the full cost of the bail may be owed to the court. That financial obligation is passed on to the person who purchased the bail bond.

Why Revoke a Bond?

It is always in your power to revoke a bail bond. However, most people do so only when they suspect that the defendant has no intention of obeying the rules or appearing for a court date. Be sure you know what will happen when you revoke a bond. An arrest warrant will be put out for your friend because they are no longer legally out of jail. These red flags should be considered before you speak to the bail bonding agency and set a bail revocation in motion:

  • You cannot make contact with your friend.
  • Your friend has shown themselves to be irresponsible in the past when dealing with legal matters.
  • Your friend is not obeying bail conditions.
  • Your friend has let you know that they do not intend to appear in court.
  • Your friend has already been arrested in another state.

It is better to revoke your friend's bond yourself. If they are arrested while out on a current bail bond, the bond will be automatically revoked, and you could owe the full cost of the bail. However, revoking the bond will not result in a refund of the bail premium you paid to obtain the bond.

This can be a confusing matter. Speak to a friendly bail bonding agent about bail revocations.


17 February 2023

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